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What is a Browser Cache?

The browser cache (pronounced like "cash") is a storage space in your computer's hard disk where your web browser saves copies of recently-visited web pages. Instead of downloading new copies of pages from a recently visited web site, your browser will load the pages from your browser cache (your hard disk). While this does speed up the surfing process, it can be deceiving when you are developing a web site. Often, you will continue to see an older version of your site when you know that newer files are present on the server.

To solve this problem, you need to clear your browser cache. You can clear your cache (delete the files from the cache) in several ways.

Most web browsers allow the user to clear the cache by pressing and holding down the SHIFT key while simultaneously clicking on the Reload or Refresh button. This tells the browser to load a new copy of the page from the server. However, if you are dealing with multiple pages you may want to clear the entire browser cache.

Netscape users can select File > Preferences. If necessary, click the + sign to expand the Advanced sub-menu, and then select Cache from the menu. Click the Clear Disk Cache and Clear Memory Cache buttons to clear the cache, and then press OK to return to the main browser window.

Internet Explorer users can select View > Internet Options or Tools > Internet Options (depending on your version). Click the General tab, and press the Delete Files button. Press OK to return to the main browser window.




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