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Uploading Instructions for AOL Users

The following instructions are provided to help our customers who are using AOL for their Internet access to upload their web site. If you need additional help with your American Online account or using your software, please contact America Online directly.


To connect to your FTP account through America On-Line:

Log on to America On-Line
Click on 'Internet Connection'
Click on 'FTP Download Files'
Click on 'Go To FTP'
Click on 'Other Site'
Enter the Host Name of your account (i.e.-, or
Check the box labeled 'Ask for login name and password'
Enter the username and password for your account.


To upload your web site:

Click on 'Upload'
Enter the remote filename (the name you want the file to be called on our server.)
Check the box next to the appropriate file type. ASCII (text documents) for HTML files, Binary (programs and graphics) for JPG and GIF files.
Click 'Continue'
Click on 'Select File'
Browse to find the file you want to upload. Click 'OK' Downloading

To download your files:

Highlight the file you want to download.
Click 'Download Now'
Enter a name for the file. Click 'OK'




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