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FTP Information

Welcome to the FTP page. This page explains some basic FTP information, and provides links to pages with the details.

Using your FTP Account. This page explains how to use your FTP account to log on to your web hosting account and upload your web site.

Uploading Instructions for AOL Users. This page explains how to use the software provided by AOL to upload files to your account. We strongly recommend that you download and use a regular FTP program instead of using the software provided by AOL.

Using Microsoft !FrontPage Before using !FrontPage to publish your web site, you will need to log into your cPanel and activate !FrontPage Extensions. This can be found under "Manage: MS !FrontPage Extensions".

In !FrontPage, select "File: Open !FrontPage Web". A small window will open. At the bottom of the window, in the box marked "Folder name" enter your domain name in the following format: Click the "Open" button, enter your username and password.




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